About Me

I worked in “big pharma” for 3½ years and found it didn’t really satisfy my creative side. Enter UX Design. In this field, I am able to follow a systematic, human-centred approach while finding and solving problems using empathy and my knowledge of psychology. I am always learning and growing and would love an opportunity to grow with you!

Curiosity is key in many of my interactions and I love finding the “why” in the things people do. It can be surprising sometimes and that’s what keeps it interesting! So why should you hire me? My passion? My curiosity? I’ll leave you with the classic UX answer, “It depends.” Check out my resume and LinkedIn below and feel free to send me a message if you care to chat!

Other Endeavors

I love learning in my free time. These are the things I'm working on right now! 



Currently Perusing:
Universal Principles of Design (William Lidwell)
The Food Lab (Kenji Lopez-Alt)

Most Recent: 
Don't Make Me Think (Steve Krug), Design of Everyday Things (Don Norman), Musicophilia (Oliver Sacks)



Currently Learning: 
Spanish and Morse Code

English, Cantonese, Basic French, Some HTML/CSS & JavaScript



Currently Doing: 
This Portfolio
Volunteering with UX San Antonio group (Research Project)

See Resume

Outside Design

In my spare time, I am passionate about travel, music, and just trying new things, from food to experiences. Anything novel is game for consideration from me! Feel free to send recommendations for music, hidden gems, interesting eats and experiences my way!



My most recent travel before COVID was a solo trip to Iceland and I highly recommend it! Beautiful landscapes; the glacier walk and Glacier Lagoon (pictured) were especially breath-taking!

If you happen to have any recommendations for things I must see or do in Peru or Japan etc., feel free to send them my way!



Experiences I've Tried: 
Snorkeling in Iceland (Silfra), Ziplining at Montmorency Falls

Bucket List:
Rock Climbing, Skydiving, White Water Rafting, Sandboarding, Lava Caving, Paragliding, Seeing the Northern/Southern Lights



I love landscape and astrophotography. I've been experimenting with different styles on Lightroom and it's always awe-inspiring to see the beauty of the universe unfolding before you!